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MSBase Imaging Repository – Fully Integrated with SNAC’S iQ-Solutions

30 May 2023

On its two-year anniversary, the MSBase Imaging Repository (MSBIR) has reached a new milestone with full integration of SNAC’s iQ-Solutions. Together with MSBase and the University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre, SNAC is a key partner in the MSBIR initiative, which is set to provide unparalleled imaging-clinical insights into the condition, which afflicts some 3 million people globally.

MSBIR integrates SNAC’s innovative informatics and AI-based software solutions. SNAC’s TORANA™ facilitates local imaging data retrieval and automated de-identification, followed by secure transfer to cloud based MSBIR nodes in Australia, the US and Europe. COEUS™ is an advanced-search web-based interface that facilitates rapid searching of imaging meta-data in MSBIR, based on complex parameter combinations such as scan regions, intervals, timepoints, and sequence types.

In addition, SNAC has established an automated quality assessment pipeline that determines scan quality immediately following MSBIR ingestion. Artificial intelligence techniques have been developed and deployed to automate pre-processing pipelines and generate quantitative analyses, powered by SNAC iQ-MS, on compatible data entering MSBIR.

MSBIR has achieved remarkable milestones within two years of its launch. It has expanded its global reach by establishing ten sites across Australia, Europe, and the US, with plans to onboard at least seven more this year. The repository has already collected some 20,000 MRI scan sessions from 3,500 real-world patients with multiple sclerosis, an increasingly valuable resource for the global MS research community.

As a key MSBIR partner, SNAC is proud of its contribution to the development of this critical MS research infrastructure and looks forward to the continued growth and impact of the platform.