Sydney Neuroimaging Analysis Centre

Providing novel insights into neurological diseases through Artificial Intelligence

Our Expertise

Uniquely integrating in-house neuroimaging research and clinical research trials

Icon Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

SNAC is redefining Phase 2-4 clinical trials of emerging remyelinating therapies for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) with a multimodal turnkey central reading solution. We offer a full suite of regulatory-compliant imaging-related service tailored to meet your clinical trial needs.

Icon Neuroimaging AI

Neuroimaging AI

Artificial intelligence is expected to play a huge role in transforming medical imaging. Partnering with the world's leading imaging providers and computational neuroscience team at the University of Sydney's Brain and Mind Centre, SNAC is committed to AI research and its integration with radiology clinical workflows.

Icon Imaging Informatics

Imaging Informatics

SNAC specialise in imaging informatics – improving the efficiency, accuracy, and robustness of medical imaging services. We provide our innovative software, Torana, as well as offering consulting services for building and optimising your custom imaging informatics system.

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Research Services

We are uniquely positioned to consult to individual researchers and larger groups who require neuroimaging expertise. Whether your group requires specific technical advice, needs an entire imaging pipeline devised, or a novel biomarker created for an investigator-driven study.

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SNAC is leading innovation by bringing AI and informatics solutions to the point of care

Icon Education & Training

Education & Training

SNAC provide tailored training in neuroimaging, along with deep learning and intelligent computer technologies for radiologists, neurologists, imaging scientist and student placements

Working closely with medical imaging devices, radiologists, clinicians and AI scientists, SNAC is encouraging rapid adoption of smart interfaces that take into account data management, privacy and access control for AI-enabled workflow in medical imaging

SNAC is leading innovation by bringing AI and informatics solutions to point of care