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Machine Learning Engineer

At the Sydney Neuroimaging Analysis Centre (SNAC) we develop cutting-edge AI products that will reshape the field of clinical radiology. These products involve neuroimaging algorithms that help doctors diagnose brain diseases more accurately and more efficiently and a global infrastructure for federated learning. The recent interdisciplinary collaboration between the University of Sydney, SNAC, MSBase, and NVIDIA will deliver a platform for seamless AI integration into clinical radiology and research; and develop neuroimaging algorithms that will set a benchmark in diagnostic imaging, drive industry automation and productivity and mine hitherto untapped quantitative imaging data to improve health outcomes. The collaboration is centred on industry-led innovation within the government science and research priority of Health and aligns with the Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals growth sector.

SNAC is an industry leader in the field of neuroimaging analysis. SNAC was established at the Brain Mind Centre to take advantage of unique research capacity in the field and provide a state-of-the-art commercial facility for the quantitative analysis of MRI to the pharmaceutical and other industries since 2012. Together with a dedicated MS clinic, MS Clinical Trials Centre, and MRI unit, SNAC is co-located within the Brain & Mind Centre at the University of Sydney. SNAC offers a unique combination of in-house neuroscience, imaging science, clinical trial, neurology and radiology expertise; and specialises in building novel neuroimaging biomarkers and integrating these into Phase 2-4 clinical trials for the pharmaceutical industry.

Collaborative partners include:

The University of Sydney. The University of Sydney is Australia’s premier University with an outstanding global reputation for academic and research excellence and employs over 7600 permanent staff supporting over 60,000 students. The University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre was established in 2015 for the research and treatment of critical health issues of the 21stcentury – disorders of the brain and mind.

MSBase. MSBase is the largest data repository for scientific and clinical research on patients with multiple sclerosis.

NVIDIA. NVIDIA is the industry leader in GPU infrastructure for machine learning, and contribute to delivering the software framework for deep learning and federated learning.

You will have the opportunities:

  • to develop and implement AI solutions
  • to improve the productivity and enhance reporting accuracy in clinical imaging practice
  • work closely with developers, AI researchers and neuro-imaging analysts
  • to translate AI research findings into medical imaging software solutions.

In this role you will be:

  • Developing software products for quantitative analysis of medical image
  • Implementing state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning algorithms and deploy the models for users
  • Running offline and online experiments.
  • Contributing to the full life cycle of ML/data models: data analysis, data pre-processing and pipeline, modelling, tuning and productization.
  • Improving the scalability, speed, and performance of existing models.
  • Sharing and articulating statistical analysis, modelling, experiment, and results to technical and non-technical audiences.

You must demonstrate the following:

  • Experience building and deploying machine learning models.
  • Experience in deep learning (artificial neural networks) is preferred.
  • Strong coding ability in Python. Knowledge of machine learning and deep learning packages (PyTorch, TensorFlow, scikit, etc.) is preferred.
  • Experience or strong understanding of distributed machine learning and cloud computing.
  • Strong research skills: the ability to dig through deep learning literature and new APIs, and implement into products.
  • Master’s degree in Computer Engineering / Science or Mathematics is preferred.
  • Experience with medical imaging or neuroimaging analysis is a plus.
  • Excellent collaboration and communication skills.

SNAC is an equal employment opportunity employer committed to equity, diversity and social inclusion.

We will be reviewing applications as we receive them however due to the volume of the applications, please be informed that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted after the closing date.

Sydney Neuroimaging Analysis Center (SNAC) has been an extraordinary partner in our clinical plans for our lead asset. When we considered Australia for our clinical trial work in neurodegenerative disease, it was quickly apparent that SNAC was the right partner. We’ve been incredibly grateful for the support we’ve received from every team member at SNAC; the SNAC team members consistently provide a level of professionalism and solid collaboration in the rigorous clinical framework required for pharmaceutical clinical drug development. Clene looks forward to further partnership with SNAC.

— Rob Etherington , President & CEO , Clene Nanomedicine

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