Critical Abnormality Detection-VeriScout

Fully automatic brain CT emergency abnormality detection

Based on computer vision and deep learning technology, VeriScoutTM provides fully automatic real-time detection and triaging of cerebral haemorrhage cases

Trained on nearly 40,000 clinical cases, VeriScoutTM uses artificial intelligence technology to efficiently detect brain haemorrhage in non-contrast head CT images in real time. The software thereby identifies patients with potentially critical abnormalities and triages these cases for priority reporting by radiologists. Heatmap ‘preview’images provide radiologists with immediate insight into the decision reasoning of Veriscout’s underlying AI architecture. Veriscout’s performance for the detection of a variety of cerebral haemorrhage types has been validated by comparison with standard clinical review by expert radiologists, achieving a sensitivity of 93.17% and a specificity of 96.86%.  VeriScoutTM seamlessly integrates into existing PACS/RIS workflows with SNAC’s dedicated Torana Medical Imaging Gateway, ensuring no additional clinician burden.