Quantitative MRI analysis – IQ-MS

Precision, quantitative brain imaging analysis

iQ-solutionsTM monitors brain disease with submillimeter precision, heralding a new era in quantitative magnetic resonance image analysis

SNAC’s iQ (intelligent quantification) product series provides robust, quantitative analysis of brain structures from MRI images, delivering personalized monitoring and precision management for patients with chronic neurological diseases. With iQ solutions, both radiologists and physicians can accurately assess changes in a patient’s brain structure in real time.  For example, changes in the volume and location of ‘lesions’ in multiple sclerosis and cerebrovascular disease; and regional brain volume changes in Alzheimer dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases can be rapidly assessed, guiding management strategy and proving a quantitative evaluation of treatment response.



Next generation lesion activity assessment

(1) Subtraction imaging – noisy, unreliable
(2) IQ-MS: quantitative, precise lesion assessment

[existing (red), new (blue), enlarging (green) lesions]

(3) Lesion number, volume, & change from PRIOR study


Next generation AI-based volumetrics

(1) Qualitative assessment – current standard of care
(2) IQ-MS: quantitative, precision volumetry in real-time
(3) Perfect segmentation, every time

Excludes venous sinuses, other non-brain structures

(4) Comparison with normative data – centile charts

IQ-MS: Cross sectional analysis


(1) Quantify MS T2 and T1-Gad Lesion Burden
(2) Quantify Whole Brain and Substructure Volumetrics
(3) 3-axis display for quick QA
(4) Reference to Normative Database

IQ-MS: Longitudinal analysis


(1) Automated PRIOR Scan Retrieval from PACS
(2) Automated Longitudinal Scan Compatibility Check
(3) New and Enlarging Lesion Number and Volume
(4) Annualised Percent Brain Volume Change
(5) 2-timepoint data display on normative plots
(6) Research Mode*
(7) Dynamic Report Access**


* In Research Mode, longitudinal metrics are displayed, even in the case of a compatibility warning

** Our Dynamic Web Report is coming soon!

IQ-MS: Complete PACS Integration

Real time analytics – zero clinician burden

(1) Full onsite de-identification and re-identification
(2) Lesion segmentations – 3D colour maps returned
(3) Brain and thalamus – 3D segmentations returned
(4) Embedded IQ-MS PDF Report