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World MS Day

30 May 2022

One year ago, our partners at the University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre launched MSBIR, the first global imaging repository for multiple sclerosis research. Today, on WorldMSDay, Sydney Neuroimaging Analysis Centre is proud to announce that our fully automatic quantitative MS solution, IQ-MS, has been deployed for the MSBase Imaging Repository: MSBIR, accelerating MS imaging research and ultimately improving clinical outcomes for up to >850 researchers and >80,000 patients on the MSBase platform.

IQ-MS combines 8 AI models to provide a comprehensive quantitative assessment of MS lesions and the impact of the condition on the volume of the brain and its substructures. Our AI algorithms are comparable to a trained neuroimaging expert, but can complete many hours of laborious work in seconds … and never need sleep.

If your MSBase team wish to explore MS imaging datasets at scale, please contact the Brain and Mind Centre’s MSBIR team at
For information on IQ-MS, SNAC AI algorithms or our informatics solutions, please contact us on