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Artificial intelligence workshop for medical imaging research and clinic applications

01 July 2019


Deep Learning research in Medical Imaging is booming with more efficient and improved approaches being developed to enable AI-assisted workflows.  Today, most of this AI research is being done in isolation and with limited datasets which may lead to overly simplified models. Even when a fully validated model is available, it is a challenge to deploy the algorithm in a local environment. With the latest release of Clara AI for Medical Imaging now data scientists, researchers and software developers have the necessary tools, APIs and development framework to train and deploy AI workflows.

Clara Train and Deploy SDKs provide Data Scientists and Radiologists with the tools to build, manage, and deploy AI workflows in medical imaging. Clara Train SDK includes APIs to add AI Assisted annotation to any medical viewer and provides a training framework optimized to train AI models for Medical Imaging. Clara Deploy SDK provides a container based development & deployment framework for building AI accelerated medical imaging workflows that can interface in a hospital infrastructure.

NVIDIA is co-hosting a free full-day workshop with the Sydney Neuroimaging Analysis Centre and the Brain and Mind Centre on using artificial intelligence tools for medical imaging research and clinical tasks. This workshop provides the perfect opportunity for students, scientists, and clinicians who are new to artificial intelligence and would like to start harnessing its power for diagnosing and treating various diseases. Examples include AI image processing and automatic lesion delineation for the brain, lungs, liver, prostate, and other organs.

Registration is now OPEN via the following link:

Location: Room 502 Brain and Mind Centre, 94 Mallett Street Camperdown, NSW 2050

Time: Wed, August 28, 2019        8:30AM – 4:00 PM AEST

Free morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea are provided.