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Our COO Dr. Tim Wang joined Austrade and presented SNAC to a 70,000+ online audience at the 24th China Hi-tech Fair

28 November 2022

Recently, our COO Dr. Chenyu Wang joined Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) and presented Sydney Neuroimaging Analysis Centre to a 70,000+ online audience at the 24th China Hi-tech Fair (

Dr. Wang shared SNAC’s vision for transforming medical imaging with smart informatics and AI; and introduced our suite of precision management tools for patients with chronic neurological diseases (iQ-solutions™) and seamless clinical workflow integration with Torana™.

SNAC’s AI-based iQ (intelligent Quantitation) software future-proofs clinical and research radiology reporting with accurate, reproducible measurement of brain pathology across a range of neurological diseases. Real-time, customisable reports value-add to traditional qualitative radiology reports with quantitative outcomes from 10 AI models that reflect disease status/progression and therapeutic response.

While best-in-class AI algorithms are a crucial component of modern medical applications and devices, a highly compatible, easy-to-use integration engine is essential for seamless clinical and research deployments. Torana™, a Class I TGA/FDA-listed medical device, emerged from more than a decade of experience in the management of medical images at SNAC. Torana™ securely integrates ‘behind the scenes’ to transfer, encrypt, deidentify, and reidentify images. Vendor- neutral and highly configurable though a simple web-based GUI, Torana™ works with RIS, PACS, research imaging databases such as XNAT, analysis engines, EMR and more through DICOM, HL7 and HTTPS protocols and ensure click-free delivery of AI solutions to the clinician’s desk.

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