Imaging Informatics

SNAC specialises in imaging informatics – the management of medical imaging data to improve the efficiency, accuracy, usability, and robustness of medical imaging services in clinical and research settings. We provide consulting services for building and optimising your custom imaging informatics system. In addition, we have software tools that allow easy and seamless integration of complex data logistics into your day-to-day workflows.


Torana is a software developed by SNAC for managing and routing medical scans in clinical and research settings. It is designed for secure, regulatory-compliant, automatic, and configurable transportation of clinical scans. Torana enables the seamless integration of complex data logistics, such as automatic image analysis, data archiving, anonymisation/re-identification into your daily clinical or research workflows.

Additional features include sequence identification, protocol quality check, and comprehensive audit trail. Torana comes with a user friendly web portal that allows non-technical staff to monitor scan transfer history and configure scan routing parameters with a high degree of flexibility.

Torana communicates with various imaging and data entities. It can listen to incoming images pushed from a scanner console, push or retrieve images from PACS systems through the DICOM protocol, transfer files and information through HTTP/HTTPS, and communicates with a RIS through HL7. Additionally, Torana can communicate with analysis servers, XNAT, and modern database systems for conducting complex image processing pipelines and research projects.

An example of the application of Torana's connectivity with various data entities is the integration of automatic imaging analysis in daily clinical workflows. Newly acquired scans can be pushed to a Torana instance set up in the hospital. Torana can then anonymize and send the scans to a remote server for analyses such as anomaly detection or metric computation. The analysis results will be re-identified and pushed to the hospital PACS and/or used to notify the doctors through the RIS.

Image Analysis

SNAC also provide image analysis services for clinical or research users. Using Torana as the request handler, clinicians or researchers can initiate image analysis requests from their PACS or local machines simply by sending images to Torana. The images will be automatically anonymised processed on a remote server, re-identified, and routed back to the sender when analysis has completed. Our analysis services encompass a variety of applications such as tissue segmentation, patient condition report, anomaly detection, etc. Torana's XNAT and database supports also allow researchers to easily archive and manage their analyses with comprehensive audit trails.

If you would like to use Torana in your department for clinical or research use, please contact us using the form below.